08 February 2013

Edinburgh Part 2

When we were in Edinburgh I bought  some really lovely things.  I can't show you everything yet, as some are presents for my mum! 

The Little book was from the Edinburgh Printmakers, 'Drawn on Location in Barcelona' by Susiewright.
The Arrow Badge, also from the Edinburgh Printmakers, is by Louise Smurthwaite
The Necklace was from Life Story, and was designed by Kate Holden, 'Oh Someday'


  1. Hi Liz!
    I couldn't fit everything I wanted to say on Twitter so I thought I'd leave you a comment here. Thank you for mentioning my jewellery, I'm glad you love the necklace! I've really enjoyed your Edinburgh feature as I'm planning to go up and visit in the Spring and had no idea what to do there- I've bookmarked your pages now though. You have a lovely blog, I'll definitely be checking back :)
    All The Best,
    Oh Someday Jewellery

  2. So pleased you like It! You will love Edinburgh, I feel so inspired and refreshed from going!