11 February 2013

Book Review: Jon McNaught

Jon McNaught, Nobrow Press 2010

This beautiful little book, with all its images perfectly aligned, and all the colours perfectly balanced,  is so serene, so peaceful.  Depicting the ordinary and mundane lives of a suburban close, perfect hedges, perfect houses.  My favorite moment is when the dog in the back yard sits and watches a snail!  This book will make you remember to look out for those little moments in life that are so subtle, so repetitive, and so familiar.

Jon McNaught, Nowbrow Press, out now!


In his new book, he focuses his story around three characters from a small time in the south of England, set in an Autumn scene, going about their ordinary lives.  The imagery in this book is remarkable, a beautiful, considered object.

For a full (and better written) review and to buy the book, go to Nobrow Press.

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