18 April 2012

17 April 2012



I thought you should know I am now also using pinterest....for those who don't know what pinterest is yet, here is my link.   I am getting slightly addicted to it!


10 April 2012

We Love Brie Harrison!

My good friend Brie Harrison has a lovely new print design exlusively for Winter's Moon.....I think these would look very nice in my flat!
You too can buy the collection at Winter's Moon on line shop......


They also have an amazing chair!.....ooh yes please!
Image of Vintage 'Domus 1' Lounge Chair in Nasturtium

08 April 2012

Number One

Happy Easter!

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite blogs:
Very inspirational, and I loved his Easter Day blog especially as I have been drawing little eggs just as he posted!

and now for my little drawings!......

01 April 2012

Weekly drawings

I made a decision!  I'm going to try and draw one picture a week...I think I can achieve that...and if I do more, its a bonus! Yeah!