31 May 2015

Books for little people xx


Hi just wanted to share with you a gorgeous website dedicated to Books for little ones.....Smallprint-online
Smallprint launched in 2015 in Southeast London by a mum of two children.  As a new mum myself I'm super impressed by anyone who can get anything done as a mum.  Not only does the website sell gorgeous captivating books, the style and the photography of the website makes you want to buy buy buy!
Take a peek and buy some books....for a child...or for yourself x

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/smallprintbooks

20 May 2015

Exhibition ! Come see my work....

My exhibition is at Ruby and Norm, south east London...I will be showing my new works inspired by Nature and my local area.  Here is a little taster...

01 May 2015

Sonia Delaunay at the Tate

I really want to go see this exhibition at the Tate....Sonia Delaunay.
I think it will be so inspirational especially for colour....have you been yet?  I'm thinking of going in the next few weeks, so I will report back!
15 April 9 August 2015