21 June 2015

Liz King Drawings on Paper - On Now at Ruby and Norm

Sorry for my lack of Blog updates.  Its been a hectic few weeks.  I can't quite believe it but I actually managed to put an exhibition together, create new artworks, update my website, get cards printed, postcards, and exhibition posters distributed....all within the space of 10 weeks with a 15 month old!  To be honest I can't remember when or how I created some of my new drawings!  
And yet here we are, a week in, and my exhibition has gone off to a great start.  The support of friends and family has kept me motivated, and I feel so privileged to have them.  
The Private View was a great event.  Ruby and Norm set the scene, and had lovely drinks and treats, and with a great Spotify playlist, people mingled and chatted and laughed, viewed my work and I even made some sales. 
The show is on until the 30th of June, and if you haven't yet been go along to Ruby and Norm, have a coffee and some cake, and have a look at the gallery upstairs....you never know you might come away with an original drawing or a lovely Glicee print.  I am also selling my cards in the shop.  
I have to say I do feel quite proud of myself, and as my Social Networking Guru friend says....#mumandthensome

I will be adding my new work onto my website later this week, and I'm in the process of creating an online shop. 

Exciting times a head.

 Mabel helps me organise my business cards!
T - A Terrific Tiger, part of my Animal Alphabet

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